Sustainability in Progress


Bamboo is a fast growing sustainable alternative to  synthetic fibers.

5% for the planet

We give 5% of the profits from every order to organizations protecting the environment.

what we're doing now

Scroll down for everything we're currently doing to be more sustainable.

what we're doing next

Sustainability is an on going process and we're  committed to getting better.

A Breakdown...

Raw Materials

Bamboo grows quickly, and 

doesn't need fertilizer

Bamboo Rayon

Semi-synthetic, super soft fabric made from bamboo.

Future Fabrics

We're working with factories and companies to integrate the most sustainable fabrics on the market into our product line.

Bamboo Packaging

Our bamboo socks come in packaging made with bamboo.

Recycled Mailers

Our mailers are made with 100% recycled materials.

5% for the Planet

We donate 5% of the profits of every sale to Oceana, an organization protecting the ocean.

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